Just For Kicks – The Martial Arts University is a classical dojo dedicated to the preservation of traditional karate and the development of championship character.  Our chief instructor, and his father before him, is in the lineage, and was directly taught and promoted by The Father of Karate, O’Sensei Robert A. Trias.

Internationally Certified Instruction provided in:
~ Traditional Karate
~ Health & Fitness
~ Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons)
~ Stress Management
~ Tai Chi for Stress Reduction, Flexibility and Improved Circulation
– Aikijutsu
– Special Self Defense/Personal Safety Classes
– Private Lessons

Our youth program teaches students from age 4 to 12 how to defend themselves while maintaining control and self-discipline, in an environment that allows for fun and interesting learning while fostering optimal retention.

Our teen and adult classes will prepare you for the mental, physical and emotional challenges of life.

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