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If you’re looking for the best Family Martial Arts Lessons in the Metropolitan Chicago, IL area, you’ve come to the right place!

In our totally unique, innovative Karate program, you’ll not only learn how to defend yourself and your family in virtually any situation, but you’ll also quickly (and safely) build muscle, melt fat, increase flexibility, and gain a greater sense of peace and quiet self-confidence.

Your children will learn to focus better, set and achieve inspiring goals, and learn how to relate to and get along better with others.

Imagine, giving your entire family the gifts of greater self-esteem, focus, and confidence this year!

You’ll accomplish all of this and more in our Just For Kicks – The Martial Arts University Just For Kicks – The Martial Arts University Family martial arts lessons!

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For single moms 
“Being a single mom can be very hard. Family Martial Arts Lessons provides support and helps us stay together. A family that kicks together, sticks together!”  I joined Just For Kicks after enrolling my kids.  Now, I’m a Staff Instructor at JFK and happier than you’d believe.  Come and join us.  You’ll love it. too.
Sheiry Greene
martial arts testimonialThe perfect family activity!
“Finding Martial Arts has been an incredible gift for me and my daughter. Being able to train together, practice together, compete together, is an opportunity we haven’t found anywhere else. It’s a perfect family activity!”
Angela Ba (Omega)

Sensei was really speaking my language!
“I watched my child participate for over a year before deciding to join. During that year I saw Sensei utilizing state of the art neuroscience (how the brain works) techniques to teach and inspire. I am a psychologist so Sensei was really speaking my language.”
Dr. Patricia Jones-Blessman (Ben)

Studying Martial Arts has helped me and my son tremendously!

“Just For Kicks Martial Arts University is not just for kicks! I have learned that life is very difficult, mentally, physically and emotionally. Studying Martial Arts has helped me and my son tremendously! We are utilizing martial arts to enhance physical balance and mental focus. Both he and I take karate class together and we find that our classes help us to deal with the emotional stress. I am forever thankful we can learn self-defense, and use the things we learn in class to kick the difficulties that life occasionally brings.”
Lourdes Ramirez